Outer Reaches of the World…

I am noticing a trend.  More and more of the visitors to this web-blog site are from the more remote areas of the world.  Places forgotten in the minds of those who live in big commercialized cities.  I am proud of this.  Thank-you from visiting from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Fairbanks in Alaska, and those who live on the shore of Hudson Bay.  The internet apparantly is becoming more far reaching every day.

Today’s painting is of a place north of Boise, Idaho.  Payette Lake is a deep lake that has the city of McCall on its south side.  This painting is near the river inlet to the lake on the North side … it is painted from Wagon Wheel Road.  An old mining road.  Enjoy…

End of Wagon Wheel Road, Payette Lake

“End of Wagon Wheel Road, Payette Lake”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 12oct09, Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette.

This is not a sunset, it is mid-day.  On occasion, at high elevations in Idaho you can see the entire color spectrum from top to bottom in the sky,  But not necessarily in the light spectrum order that you would expect.  This especially occurs in the lighter inversion layers in the mid-fall, looking South [for some reason].  When you witness the sky spectrum as such, it brings clarity to thought of peace.

In this painting I attempt to recreate what I have seen, albeit in a simplified fashion.  It cannot be captured by a camera.


2 Responses to “Outer Reaches of the World…”

  1. The warmth in this painting is so inviting. I like the depth you have created with that warm light leading through the foreground trees, Rog.

  2. Thanks Leslie. Based on our previous discussion about Idaho sky, I decided to execute the color prism spectrum affect that high elevation skies can have. I am happy you like how that effects the composition.

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