Grand Opening…

Abruptly, I am now involved with a Co-Op Gallery in downtown Boise.  The name is the Eclectic Art Store [there are several Art Galleries in the country with the name Eclectic Gallery].  My paintings will take up a wall in the room that contains the photos from, what I consider, one of the better photographers in the state… Allan Ansell.  I have admired his figures for years.

So coupled with his stuff, we will have both the cause of a world at war, and the means for world peace; held in a single room.  I love this dichotomy.

The Gallery is in the basement of the Idaho Building, next to the Superb Sushi Restaurant, on 8th Street.  A blurb about this gallery is contained in the following Boise Weekly article.

…First Thursday Listing…Boise Weekly...

It is number SEVENTEEN on the map!

The grand opening is tomorrow at 5pm to 7pm, and I have not even chosen my paintings for this.  But they will enjoy seeing you there.  I have to work, so I will let my work speak for itself, which may be a better idea.

This is a permanent exhibit, so if you cannot make it, the paintings will still be there.



3 Responses to “Grand Opening…”

  1. a permanent exhibit, thats cool.

  2. Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

    • Hey guys, I know I would not normally approve the last comment in my blog. But hey, even drug stores like my paintings. So that is cool.


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