Winter is Here…

Now that the initial cold fronts have subsided and Idaho is settling in on the cold wet winter time.  I would like to discourage you from going out in the cold without warm dry clothes.

“Winter Creek (aft Edgar Payne)”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 3nov09, Choate8-Graham non-toxic palette.

Choate8-Graham non-toxic palette [all M.Graham paints]

Warm blue = Phthalo Green [not Viridian — due to Umber undertone]
Cool blue = Ultramarine Blue
Cool red = Alizarin Crimson
Warm red = Napthol Red
Warm yellow = Azo Yellow
Cool yellow = Hansa Yellow
Undertone/Sketch = Burnt Umber
White = Titanium White, Alkyd Resin


2 Responses to “Winter is Here…”

  1. these colours go really well with this painting

  2. This is about the color. Oh those blues draw me in.

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