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“Shining Path Thru Ferns”, 16×20 oil-alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 15dec09, Choate8 palette.

This painting is set in the Columbia River Gorge.  The title I chose begs a question.

What does the Shining Path have to do with World Peace?

Given what happened in Peru, maybe nothing.  The dichotomy is many people have revelations as individuals.  Often it may appear to be the ultimate truth to them.  So much so that they push their “TRUTH” upon others.  They may even refer it as their “SHINING PATH”, “YELLOW BROOK ROAD”, or “MANIFEST DESTINY”.

Regardless, a problem arrives to us.  Their is a statistically high rate of these revelations the actually hinder world peace, instead of encourage it.  I.E. some of us [including me] mean well, but become hurting instead of helping.

I conclude that my failings are my sometimes misunderstanding of what should be — should be “TOLERANCE” instead of anything else.  Sorry.

Regardless, Peace be with you this Christmas-Epiphany time.  It came, it is, it loves, it has tolerance, and it gives life.  So I would like to encourage you in your revelation.


Why O’ Ming Dynasty…

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“Pine Creek (aft Rick Howell)”, 16×20 oil-alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7dec09, Choate8-Griffin palette.

My mentor Fred Choate suggested I study a few of Rick Howell’s paintings.  Rick Howell lives in Colorado, and Fred witnessed some of his work up close at the Astoria Fine Art gallery in Jackson, Wyoming.

I Sought a Medium…

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“River Connecticut, Near Northampton (aft Alfredo DiLascia)”, 16×20 oil-alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7dec09, Choate8-Griffin palette.

I do not know the guy, but I am pretty sure the photographer, Alfredo DiLascia, is not expecting any oil painting studies done of his photographs.  Much less an expressionistic interpretation.  In this case, there is definitive symbolism in the light post and flowers. The dual-protagonists here are the road in the bottom right hand corner and the big river.  Nestled between them is the flowers and light post.  Because. “we all walk blindly until we have an aide to guide us on the shining path”…. a quote from my artists’ statement.

My mother loved flowers, and had several gardens around our house where I grew up.  One of my chores was to water them regularly.  My favorite plants in the gardens were the ferns.  I miss that fern garden.  I doubt it is still there, but I can dream.

As you know, I am currently stretching my subject matter.  Sure, this is a landscape, but it marks the first time I have actually painted flowers.

Now, about the title, “I Sought a Medium…” — no, I did not seek a medium.  This painting for now is complete, but it already is a varnishing nightmare for me.  The reason is that I used the Windsor Newton Griffin Paints that have an oil-alkyd base, plus I added a lot of Liquin Alkyd medium to the paint… as usual.  It dried so fast on the board that this luscious oil painting looks like it has a Matte finish already, in one day.  One of my potential canvas suppliers, explained to me the technical reasons for this.  A lot of it has to do with canvas board technology.

Regardless, I am reminded that oil paintings are never complete, until someone sees them.

Oh, Why He Did That…

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“Owyhee Gulley”, 20×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 1dec09, warm secondary earth primary palette.

The palette used in this painting is a new concoction, albeit an experiment.

Warm Secondary Earth Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

orange = cad orange
earth red = venetian red
purple = oriental violet deep
earth blue = prussian blue
green = sap green
earth yellow = raw umber [m.graham]
white = titanium white [r.shiva, by richardson]

Palette notes…

The RYB earth tones are treated as cool colors, and OGV pigments are warm.  Please realize that the absense of a true yellow in this palette, is on purpose.  If you find your paintings too garishly yellow, you may consider using a mix to get your yellows.  That is why a desert motif was chosen here.

Also, Fragonard Cad Orange mixed with their Oriental Violet Deep makes a very warm strong, yet earthy, color red.  I have not seen that shade in mixing colors before.  It may go well with an Alizarin Crimson as the cool color, instead of the Venetian Red.