Time to eat codfish…

Because someone asked, I will finally comment on this painting that has been posted the last few days.   Historically my family eats cream of codfish on toast for special occasions.  This for either Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or Easter breakfast.  Long ago we would eat it more often, but the days of cheap codfish are gone.  Since moving to Idaho I have long wanted to create a newer recipe based off of unsalted pacific cod.  My brother Jeff and his son Cory were my guinea pigs.  Now I must say they recipe has “arrived in Idaho”, because we ate it all, just about a week before Christmas.  The fish was a gift from a fisherman who visited Alaska and caught it himself.  So that may have something to do with the good taste.  Regardless, it was good.

“Arriving in Idaho”, 20×16 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 29dec09, choate8-graham palette.

Now, about the painting.  It is a study of a composition from a block print.  The print was unusual since it was done with the mid 1800s Japanese  styling, but it contained the yellow pine in the foreground.  Unfortunately the name of the creator of the original print we found is not known.

The imaginary motif used to paint this is trying to combine the feeling of several things, a Norwegian Fjord, the large lakes near Couer D’ Alene (sorthern Idaho), Anderson Ranch Reservoir (southern Idaho), the Trinity Mountains (central Idaho), and Palisades Reservoir (eastern Idaho).   The boat coming to the pier depicts a Norwegian fisherman “arriving in Idaho” from a long trip.

Anyways, at home here, I have been developing a traveling show of paintings to present to galleries.  There are currently seven paintings in the pile, and I may whittle it down, or increase its size.  If you know of a best or favorite painting I have done that you think should be included, please let me know.  If you have any ideas or where I should take this traveling show to, feel free to let me know that as well.

Before I forget, let me thank the following cities for their support!  Belgrade (Serbia), London Amsterdam, Geneva, Athens, Tel Aviv, Boise,  Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Toronto, New York, Tampa, Philadelphia, Boston, Durham NC, and Atlanta.  May you all have a good year, and have a chance to eat Cream of Codfish on Toast!


2 Responses to “Time to eat codfish…”

  1. that is some scenery for sure

  2. It’s almost as if the foreground tree and the background mountains are cradling the stream or river. Nice painting, Rog.

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