Painter of Dark…

“Mountain Splendor, Colorado (aft Birger Sandzen)”, 12×16 oil on linen board, by Rog Lyngaas, 1feb09, double primary palette with burnt umber undertone.

Lately, I have generated several “darker” paintings.  Part of that is due to the success of the moonlit Birger Sandzen studies.  So I decided to do a bright daylight study, so I am not type cast as the “Painter of Darkness”.  Regardless, I would rather be known as that, than the “Painter of Light”.  This is because the phrase is way over used.  Case in point, there is a painter that is alive today that is known as that, because he calls himself that.  But we know all that the master of watercolor, Turner, is known as that, and rightly so.

This painting marks the first time I painted on linen, in this case a hardwood panel with Linen on top.  It was a pleasure, and I hope to paint more on linen.

I also have an announcement.  I have been chosen for a one man show in a fairly large venue.  It is my first, so it is a big step.  It will start at the end of April and go through the month of May.  I previewed this venue last year when I helped organize the Idaho Painters Guild show last July-August at the INITIAL POINT GALLERY, in the Meridian City Hall.

This painting above, and over 30 others will be included in the show.


One Response to “Painter of Dark…”

  1. Congratulations on your show, Rog!

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