07 Buhl Plein Air Paintout

On 8 jun 07 Fred Choate and I went Plein Air painting in and around Buhl, Idaho. In the afternoon we met the other Plein Air painters, and prepared the yearly show. Fred drew the short straw, so he was able to headline the exhibition. When all was said and done, there was a little space left on the wall left over near the piano. I asked the director, and since she liked my colors, I was able to hang my first painting in a show.

Eighth Street Center

This PA oil painting was exhibited at Buhl’s 8th Steet Art Center (shown above), till 7jun08.

Here I am with the painting, I call this “freaking exciting”.

“Lemmon Falls”, 11×14 canvas, plein air painting created 8 June 07 at Lemmon Falls.

By the way, I felt blessed in this event since Lemmon Falls happens to be Fred’s favorite plein air motif. Other artists’ work at the show included: Fred Choate, Robert Moore, John Horejes, and members of both the Snake River Plein Air Association and Plein Air Painters of Idaho.


One Response to “07 Buhl Plein Air Paintout”

  1. I’m another painter who often paints “en plein air”

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