2007 Spotlight Gallery

Spotlight Gallery, Boise, Idaho, Nov 07 – Jan 08, 6 oil paintings, Student Show…

Rog with “Idaho Creek in Fall” at the gallery reception.

Here is Rog with his five other paintings in the second gallery location.

Individual close ups follow, from right to left in the show…

“Southern Wisconsin in the Fall”, 9×12 oil on canvas.

“Melting Snow @ Mountie Pass”, 11×14 oil on canvas. Now in a private collection in Boise, Idaho.

“Yosemite, Keys in Pond”, 14×11 oil on canvas.

“Warm Lake, Warm”, 12×9 oil on canvas.

“Trees in Conversation”, 11×14 oil on canvas.

“Idaho Creek in Fall”, 16×20 oil on canvas. Now in a private collection in Manhattan, New York.


All the above paintings are Alla Prima paintings. Other artist’s in the show include Ellen Garrard and several of Will Nelson’s students. Rog was blessed with having the most number of paintings in the show.

“Anchor” artists of this now defunct gallery included: Will Nelson [watercolor illustration], Venture Coy [oil landscape & abstract landscape], Fred Choate [traditional oil landscape], Ann Watson-Sorenson [watercolor landscape], and Zella Bardsley [abstract functional sculpture].


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