Violence Can Be a Draining Experience… » Rape of Madison

2 Responses to “Rape of Madison”

  1. Looks so peaceful… But it’s kinda sad after reading the whole blog post about…

    • Yes, sad, and the sick part of it is the allegory. I do not see how the rape of a woman can be likened to the rape of the landscape, the earth. Except, they both have lasting scars. Some people look at the loss of marsh land as progress; making the land more live-able. It is a very interesting dichotomy.

      BTW, I notice you now live in Switzerland, near Zurich. Madison, Wisconsin has been a sister city to Zurich since before my birth. They both have very large arboretums. The one in Madison is designed after the one in Zurich. It was the first arboretum in the USA.

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