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09 Basement Gallery

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Every year, Perry Allen, the owner-proprietor of the Basement Gallery in downtown Boise hosts a Landscape Art show. This year it will run for two months, May and June. Fred Choate, my mentor, is headlining the event with myself in the second room. Also present will be the assorted artist students of Fred’s of the Idaho Painters Guild; including Ellen Garrard, Ann Samuelson, Craig Arrowood, and a few others. Their paintings will be interspersed throughout the gallery.

Below are my 16 paintings in the show. You may click on the pictures below to see my original postings of these paintings.

path-to-taos southern-wisconsin-in-the-fall

The opening reception is 5-9pm on May 7th, the 1st Thursday of May. There will be another reception at 5-9pm on June 4th, the 1st Thursday of June. I thank God that Perry is now representing my artwork in Boise, so now I will be part of the big show!

half-a-pond half-a-pond-post-study waterfall-at-north-edge-twin-falls

If you would like to write or call Perry Allen the contact is — Basement Gallery, 928 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, USA, +1.208.333.0309

skum-o-nite-pond rough-estimate-of-ruffed-grouse-winter-ground

Of course everything in the Basement Gallery is framed. A good percentage of the frames are museum quality. See you there.

cannon-beach-post-quake aspen-after-the-reign yellowstone

devils-basin lucid-set

redwood-path alturas-outlet

another-day-coming1 smoky-river-after-sandzen1


Moonlight on a Kansas River

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“Smoky River (aft Birger Sandzen)”, 8×10 oil alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 30jan09, using choate8-griffin palette.

This is a study of Sven Birger Sandzen’s “Smoky River” painting.  The river depicted here is probably the Smoky Hill River.  It flows near Lindsborg, Kansas; where Sandzen lived and taught.  My rendition was painted before the “Another Day Coming” painting.  The pair were the first two paintings after my closest Uncle died.  They are both considered night paintings.

I wonder if you could help me with the exact Longitude and Latitude coordinates for this scene it would be much appreciated.  Why!?  Because I am one of the few painters painting for “”.  My paintmap website is…

Rog’s Paint Map Site

Currently I identify this painting on the Smoky Hill River near Lindsborg. But, I don’t really know where on the river this scene is. Nor do I know for sure it is of that river. I would like to change the coordinates on the paintmap if I am wrong. Perhaps art students at Bethany College in Lindsborg could tell me the correct coordinates.

Another Day Coming

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“Another Day Coming”, 8×10 oil alkyd on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 31jan09, using Choate8-Griffin palette.

Another death has occurred in the family.  The night after the news I painted this using newly purchased Windsor Newton Griffin Oil Alkyd paints.  This painting was painted between midnight & 3am in the morning.

Cool Blue = Ultramarine Blue [green shade]
Warm Blue = Viridian
Cool Yellow = Winsor Lemon
Warm Yellow = Cad Yellow Light
Warm Red = Cad Red
Cool Red = Permanent Alizarin Crimson
White = M.Graham Titanium White Alkyd

Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground

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rough-estimate-of-ruffed-grouse-winter-ground1“Rough “Rough Estimate of Ruffed Grouse Winter Ground”, 14×18 Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 9dec08, using choate7 pallete.

Although I have taken a time from hunting Grouse, I used to do it yearly.  A few years ago, the population got low in Idaho.  It is then I temporarily quit. The population of Grouse has rebounded.  However since I cook lots of chicken daily, I have lost the desire to eat bird.

In this painting I estimate a Grouse pair could be hiding in the bushes.  They like spring water flowing in small creeks with lots of cover, which is plentiful in the mountains of Idaho.

Mind you, these would not be the big Blue Grouse.  They are a unique creature.  They prefer to move up the mountains as it gets colder.  In cold Novembers whilst hunting on tops of mountains, large Blue Grouse have startled me several times.  Some get to be Turkey size.

All truth is nothing but truth.

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“Alturas Outlet”, 18×24 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 18nov08, using choate7 palette with warm blue being Prussian Blue.

Lake Alturas exists in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  It’s sister lake is the smaller Lake Perkins.  This painting is based on the outlet to lake Alturas.  Which begs the question… If we let all the truth out, is there any truth left?

Bragging Rights

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OK, you have seen this painting before. This is the North Rim of Snake River waterfall near Twin Falls. This waterfalls actually has several names; including “Lagnet Falls” and “Perrine Falls”.  I prefer the former. This is the painting that received 2nd place for a Professional Idaho Landscape at this years Idaho State Fair. I am pretty proud of it. This classic landscape is perhaps my best work as of yet. My mentor had the best Professional Seascape painting; and his ended up being the best Oil painting of the fair. Anyway, back to painting.

Lucid Sight

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“Lucid Set”, 8×10 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 29jul08, using X1 palette.

There is a point when the sun sets in the evening where one can see clearly as if in a dream. When the sun rises in the morn this dream also occurs, just in a different direction. This lucidity causes peace in one’s heart; perhaps world peace, in my humble opinion. Which direction are you looking?