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Horses Fell fra da Wild

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“Wildhorse – Fall Creek Falls (aft Fred Choate)”, 20×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 21apr08, using choate7 palette.

The design of this painting is based on a photograph taken by Fred Choate from the middle of the river. Apparently he stood precariously on a rock/log insisting on his beautiful site. In the last few months he has done at least 4 versions of this painting. The scene gets him excited. This is a companion piece to the “Emerging Rocks at Wild Horse Canyon” painting. But they are not considered a diptych in my eyes. Have I ever mentioned I love waterfalls?


Wild Horses Rock!

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“Emerging Rocks at Wild Horse Canyon”, 11×14 oil on canvas, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 28jan08, using choate7 palette.

Wild Horse Canyon is up near the Sun Valley – Ketchum – Hailey area in Idaho. It is apparently a favorite camping spot for people in south central Idaho.

In the Northern states, the winter time thermal variation in ground pushes up rocks; frustrating farmers in the midwest. This happens in Idaho as well. However emerging rocks also occur from erosion, the washing away of loose soil from 12 foot of snow melt. It is most severe in the steep embankments of the mountains like the Sawtooths. On occasion, entire roads get washed out in the spring. I think we were lucky this year. The point is, erosion has been a hot environmental topic. In Idaho the silt from erosion is known to deteriate the Salmon runs.

Another hot topic is wild horses. When I was a child in Wisconsin, I was convinced that in the western USA 1000’s of wild horses were being killed for pet food, or just killed. So much so I took a petition to many of the homes in my neighborhood, to get people to sign to prevent the mass destruction of wild horses. It was important to me. I was a child.

Now that I live in Southern Idaho just a few miles from one of the collection spots of wild horses. Yes they do exist. A person can buy a wild horse for 200 to 300 dollars. Many people have, using them for pack animals. My girlfriend’s father once did this. I even inadvertently broke this horse for riding. We once needed a third horse to hunt with. So I got to ride this horse. Only after we had ridden 5 miles up, and then 5 miles down the mountain, was it revealed to me that that horse had never been ridden before. Perhaps this horse knew I cared about wild horses, because I am a lucky guy.

The concept of wild horses is very interesting to some people. The invigoration of the spirit, to run in the pack, lead by the love of the followers. It is an interesting sight to witness.