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Big Brush, solid communication…

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As a painter, I have found if you want people to listen to you, you need to carry a big brush.  The painting below was done entirely with a 1 inch sized fitch brush.  People who know me, I prefer to do my “block in” using this brush, even on small paintings like the one below.  It adds to the Sumi-E style I like to use in my underpainting.  In this case, the block-in was so good, my mentor told me to stop, and go to the next painting.  This was the first of the three paintings I did in 2 hours, on that fateful day in 2007.  Both this and the “Yosemite, Keys in Pond” painting were shown in the 2007 Idaho state fair.  Enjoy…

“Yellow Flowers”, 11×14 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 31jul07, Choate7 palette.


Embarrassment in California…

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OK, there was a day, a fateful day in California, when I was 14 years old.  My mother accidentally lost her keys in a pond.  Yet, in my brilliance I left my pair of spare keys in the locked car.  In the middle of nowhere, in Yosemite National Park.  OK, I am a human being.  We got out of that predicament.  This painting performed in 2007 commemorates that event.  No, I did not have a camera.  The composition is from memory.  It was part of a speed painting attempt, where I did 3 paintings in 2 hours.  You may have previously seen this in my discussions about the 2007 Idaho State Fair and the 2007 Spotlight Gallery show.  Now you know what the painting is about.

“Yosemite, Keys in Pond”, 14×11 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 31jul07, Choate7 palette.

2007 Idaho State Fair

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Three oil paintings were exhibited at the fair in August 2007 in Garden City, Idaho…

“Burning Man”, 12×9 canvas board, Amateur Abstract, Honorable Mention. This was Rog’s first painting.

“Yellow Flowers”, 11×14 canvas, Amateur Landscape, Honorable Mention.

“Yosemite, Keys in Pond”, 14×11 canvas, Amateur Waterscape, Honorable Mention.

Other Fred Choate Student artists at the fair included: Julie Iffla, Ellen Garrard, Wendy Bickenstaff, and Ann Samuelson.

Burning Man

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“Burning Man”, 12×9 Oil on canvas unstretched, by Rog Lyngaas,  16 jan 06.

This was my first painting.  Some would say that the desire to paint was so great for so many years that my mind effectively barfed on the canvas.  I am showing this to you now so that you may see my starting point.

Regardless when I entered this in the Idaho State Fair in 2007 it recieved an honorable mention in the amatuer abstract catagory.  As I develop I hope to someday return to more abstract figures.  For now though, I believe landscapes promote something in others minds that abstract paintings cannot.