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Plein Aire Season is Here…

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“Mount Heyburn & Friend”, 11×14 PA Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 30Aug07, Choate7 Palette.

Plein Air painting season in Idaho is now ramping up.  Let me start by providing a dusted off early plein air piece I did at sunset on Redfish Lake, from the lodge.  Redfish lake lodge is in the heart of the Sawtooths.  This piece is one of twenty five I hope to be showing at the Basement Gallery.  This has historical significance as it is the first “successful” plein air piece I did alone.   Although I do not do a lot of plein air, I hope to do more now that I have refined my style a little more.


Rib Roaring Good Time

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Above is the grand display of over 100 paintings with 20 percent of them being Plein Air. It was our Idaho Painters Guild Show at the Eagle Rib Cookoff and Spudfest this past weekend. My portion was 25 paintings with 20 percent being Plein Air. I must say it was a success, and I must thank all of my guilded comrades for the great team work. Especially Craig Arrowood for our newly made displays [that fit perfect in the 10’x20′ tent — and Julie Iffla for the planning. I have to admit I was a little uncoordinated this weekend, since my deli took a lot of my time. Below is a few of us, from left to right… Myself, Ellen Garrard, and Fred Choate. For more information about the Idaho Painters Guild please look up the Guild’s blog from time to time.

Clarity when dancing in mist

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“Spring Dance of Snowmelt”, 8×10 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 26aug08, using Choate7 palette.

Ever see the mist dance upon the ground environs as snow evaporates in rapidity? It sure is a pleasure to think of it when it is hot in the summer. If you have never seen it then perhaps you have not lived enough yet.

Antithesis of Hitler

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“Expansion by Reflection”, 8×10 oil on canvas, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 25aug08, using Choate7 palette.

When Adolph Hitler said/wrote “we must expand”; it was his prophesy of war, i.e. taking land by force — he was trying to achieve his goals to meet his philosophy.

The plethora of quality landscape paintings that exist in the core of many Buddhist temples are used for reflection. Some would say this reflection could be the key to world peace. Therefore, I conclude that landscape paintings could very well be the antithesis of Hitler. Is it possible that we could expand [i.e. absorb] enough on our thoughtful reflection upon landscape paintings; that world peace could be initiated?

On another note… today was the first day on our Idaho Painters Guild show at the Idaho Rib and Spudfest. I was able to frame and show 25 of my paintings in this show. I personally would like to thank my comrades on their joint efforts to market landscape paintings to Boise/Eagle Idaho. They are Ellen Garrard, Fred Choate, Ann Samuelson, Julie Iffla, and Craig Arrowood.

This show will continue the next two days. I will be sketching at the show tomorrow night. Then all day on Monday, I expect to paint for the crowd as they suck on their ribs. Hopefully there are more ribs available in Boise to cook, because most of the vendors ran out of ribs. The first day had 4000 visitors.

Southwest Canyon

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“Southwest Canyon”, 10×8 oil on canvas, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 19aug08, using Choate7 palette.

Lucid Sight

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“Lucid Set”, 8×10 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 29jul08, using X1 palette.

There is a point when the sun sets in the evening where one can see clearly as if in a dream. When the sun rises in the morn this dream also occurs, just in a different direction. This lucidity causes peace in one’s heart; perhaps world peace, in my humble opinion. Which direction are you looking?