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2008 Idaho State Fair

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Three oil paintings were exhibited at the fair in August 2008 in Garden City, Idaho…


Of course I am proud of my second place award in the professional Idaho landscape category, so I am showing it now. The first prize went to a watercolor painting. The awards were dominated by watercolorists this year; including the “Best of Show” awarded to a friend of Ellen Garrard’s. I guess we will have to get her to join the Idaho Painters Guild. Below is another picture of the same painting…


“Waterfall at North Edge, Twin Falls”, 30×15 oil on canvas, Professional Idaho Landscape, Second Place.


“[Lauralie at] Cannon Beach, Post Quake”, 12×9 oil on canvas, Professional Seascape.

Originally I tried to get this painting in the Professional Abstract category. But unfortunately the woman in charge did not see the naked “Lauralie” in the painting. So this painting had to compete in the Professional Seascape category.  Regardless, this is proof that I am the only painter that has ever been able to show a nude painting in the Idaho State Fair.  Lucky me.

Painting judging is subjective — proof is the second place finisher in the Professional Abstract category was an actual landscape painting, flipped over. I guess all is well that ends in a laugh. Next time I will have to be blatantly abstract.


“Path to Taos”, 20×24 oil on canvas, Professional Landscape.

Other Fred Choate Student artists at the fair included: Fred Choate [he can study himself, you know], Ellen Garrard, Wendy Bickenstaff, and Ann Samuelson. Fred won the best oil painting in Fair. And a wonderful watercolor


Oh, Why He Did That…

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“Owyhee Gulley”, 20×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 1dec09, warm secondary earth primary palette.

The palette used in this painting is a new concoction, albeit an experiment.

Warm Secondary Earth Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

orange = cad orange
earth red = venetian red
purple = oriental violet deep
earth blue = prussian blue
green = sap green
earth yellow = raw umber [m.graham]
white = titanium white [r.shiva, by richardson]

Palette notes…

The RYB earth tones are treated as cool colors, and OGV pigments are warm.  Please realize that the absense of a true yellow in this palette, is on purpose.  If you find your paintings too garishly yellow, you may consider using a mix to get your yellows.  That is why a desert motif was chosen here.

Also, Fragonard Cad Orange mixed with their Oriental Violet Deep makes a very warm strong, yet earthy, color red.  I have not seen that shade in mixing colors before.  It may go well with an Alizarin Crimson as the cool color, instead of the Venetian Red.

Dream of Hawai’i

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“Dream of Owyhee”, 8×10 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas,4aug09, XF palette.

dream of owyhee

There are locations of Oasis’ in the Owyhee [Pai’ute for Hawai’i] Desert.  I dream of finding them on my motorcycle.  Owyhee is a unique locale in Idaho, and yes it is named after Hawai’i.

XF Pallete
Cool blue = french Ultramarine Blue (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm blue = pthalo green (graham)
Cool yellow = cad lemon (winton)
Warm yellow = cad yellow medium (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = quinacridone violet (graham)
sketch & tone = ivory black (winton) + yellow ochre (winton)
White = titanium white (shiva)

This is the first painting I have ever done without using a Turpinoid or a Turpintine for cleaning my brushes.  I am using, Walnut oil for now.  I probably will return to turpinoid, just because it truly is toxic; and I need some toxicity in my work to be a true antithesis [devil’s advocate].

One more step on the Path to Taos…

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Las Trampas, New Mexico [aft Walt Gonske]

“Las Trampas, New Mexico [aft Walt Gonske]”, 11×14 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 12may09, Choate7 palette.

Finally the next step on the “path to Taos” has been taken.  My mentor suprised me with the challenge to study Walt Gonske paintings instead of just looking at them.  So here is my first study of a Walt Gonske Painting.

At the Edge of the Other World…

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“Owyhee Canyon”, 9×6 acrylic on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 11mar09, Y2 palette.

This is not the inlet to Owyhee Reservoir in Oregon.  But it does resemble it in Spring.  BTW, Spring is coming, and fish will be jumping here!

Y2 Palette, M.Graham Acrylics unless noted

Cool Blue = Winsor Blue [Galeria W&N, PB15]
Warm Blue = Viridian Hue [PG7]
Cool Yellow = Hansa Yellow [PY3]
Warm Yellow = Cadmium Yellow [PY35]
Warm Red = Cadmium Red Light [PR108]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [PR83]
White = Warm White [Jo Sonja, PW6, PY42]
Under = Raw Umber [PBr7, W&N]

Choking Interpretation…

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“Owyhee Washout (aft Fred Choate)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 10mar09, X7 palette.

Owyhee county in Idaho, is high desert.  Owyhee is Paiute for “Hawaii”.  As I have mentioned before, Idaho and Hawaii are joined at the hip.

This painting is a definitivly high contrast desert washout scene that is typical this time of year in the Idaho High Desert.  Often times, when you want to get somewhere you have to drive through washouts.  Can you say, adrenaline rush, especially on a motorcycle?

BTW, if you did not get my joke yet… I purposely over bleached the desert flats to match the name of the painting… washout.  Just so you know, the sun does get this bright in the desert.  So much so, that you can become “sand blind” as well as “snow blind”.

My mentor would like to thank the lady from Hailey, Idaho who purchased the original of this painting from Idaho’s PBS channel 4, as a fund raiser.  My interpretation is nothing like the original though.  It uses a real wack-job of a  palette.  Another “Electric Earth” palette.  If anyone else wants to use this palette, I warn you that it is playing with fire.  Do you feel lucky?  Halfway through I concluded that my cool yellow was warmer than my warm yellow, so I swapped them in some of my mixes.

X7 PALETTE…[m.Graham Colors unless noted]

cool  red = quintrocidrone Violet [pv19]
warm red = burnt sienna [Pbr7]
warm/cool yellow = yellow ochre [Py43, Winton]
cool/warm yellow = azo yellow [py74,py151]
warm blue = pthalo green [pg7]
cool blue = ultra blue [pb29]
white = Titanium White [pw6,pw4,Rembrandt]

Motorcycle of Choice…

In order to traverse the long lonely desert roads to get to this washout, and then to drive through it my former roomate, Shane Smith recommends a Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycle.  He as always a Honda XR 650 fan, but he has met many people who prefer the KLR as their “Desert Rat” cycle…


Trumpet Call Again…

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“Malhuer (Post study)”, 6×8 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 19feb09, using X5 palette.

You may recall a previous version of this motif.  In my opinion the early version was a disaster.  So here is a rework in the form of a small post study.

X5 Palette [Winton brand, unless noted]

warm blue = viridian hue
cool blue = french ultramarine blue
cool red = alizarin crimson [m.graham]
warm red = venetian red [pr101,fragonard]
warm yellow = cad yellow medium
cool yellow = cad yellow pale hue [py74]
white = permalba [martin-weber]

The undertone for this painting is that thing called “grey matter” — a mix of all paints, including white, along with alot of alkyd medium.  Grey matter was also used to detune the Viridian Hue, which it did quite well.