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2008 Idaho State Fair

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Three oil paintings were exhibited at the fair in August 2008 in Garden City, Idaho…


Of course I am proud of my second place award in the professional Idaho landscape category, so I am showing it now. The first prize went to a watercolor painting. The awards were dominated by watercolorists this year; including the “Best of Show” awarded to a friend of Ellen Garrard’s. I guess we will have to get her to join the Idaho Painters Guild. Below is another picture of the same painting…


“Waterfall at North Edge, Twin Falls”, 30×15 oil on canvas, Professional Idaho Landscape, Second Place.


“[Lauralie at] Cannon Beach, Post Quake”, 12×9 oil on canvas, Professional Seascape.

Originally I tried to get this painting in the Professional Abstract category. But unfortunately the woman in charge did not see the naked “Lauralie” in the painting. So this painting had to compete in the Professional Seascape category.  Regardless, this is proof that I am the only painter that has ever been able to show a nude painting in the Idaho State Fair.  Lucky me.

Painting judging is subjective — proof is the second place finisher in the Professional Abstract category was an actual landscape painting, flipped over. I guess all is well that ends in a laugh. Next time I will have to be blatantly abstract.


“Path to Taos”, 20×24 oil on canvas, Professional Landscape.

Other Fred Choate Student artists at the fair included: Fred Choate [he can study himself, you know], Ellen Garrard, Wendy Bickenstaff, and Ann Samuelson. Fred won the best oil painting in Fair. And a wonderful watercolor


Six Months Past…

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Last August, Idaho had it’s annual Western Idaho State Fair in Boise.  Having lived in Pocatello in the past I look at this fair as the lesser of the two [there is an Eastern Idaho State Fair].  But for painters and photographers, it is not the lesser, it is Great!  For painters, it is tough to win the best in show.  They must compete with drawers, which Idaho has some great ones.  So this past year, a graphite drawing one.  Careful, this really is a graphite painting, not a photograph.

“Lincoln”, graphite by Matt Tucker, Best of Show — 2009 Idaho State Fair.

Now, originally, Fred Choate did a lot of drawings in his past time, before he started his oil painting for fine art career.  Having been one of the lucky to view them, I can say that they will eventually get into a museum somehow.  Regardless, with great graphite artists like Matt Tucker, often oil painters have to settle for receiving awards like “Best Oil Painting”.

Best Oil Painting, 2009 Idaho State Fair, by Fred Choate.

Same for watercolor painters, like Laurie Asahara, who did receive “Best of Show” last year.

Best Watercolor Painting, 2009 Idaho State Fair, by Laurie Asahara.

Of Course, oil and watercolor painters do usually win the “Best Western” theme award.

Best Western Painting, by Laurie Asahara, 2009 Idaho State Fair.

I found the competition tougher last year, for I only received an honorable mention, in the Professional Idaho Landscape catagory.

“Little Trinity Lake Wayside”, 8×10 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, circa 2009.

However, 2010 is a new year, and us painters have some secret weapons for this years competition.  I am sure the drawing artists will be up for the challenge, as long as they know what it is.  So I predict the competition will be thick this coming year.  Good Luck to all.

Figure it Out!

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Fred Choate and I, visited the National Alliance for Mental Illness art show in Sun Valley yesterday.  It is at Iconoclast Books and it was a learning experience.

My 2 paintings were included with around 50 others in the “fund raisin’ auction show” that is going to go on for the next two weeks.  Remember, if you would like to participate with the bidding please call Kathryn Olson at NAMI … +1-208-309-1987 … to place your bid. The deadline is Sunday at 4pm on December 13th for bidding.  My paintings were posted on this blog earlier.  They are called “Rocheport Point 2 (aft William O’Donnell)” and “Pond, Beach, Tree, Forest 2”.  Click on those links to see them for your review.

What I liked about that show is the fact that even though I had my normal landscape style, they fit into the very eclectic show nicely.  I thank God that I am able to show a few paintings for a few weeks in Sun Valley.

Also included in the fifty 12 inch by 12 inch boards were sculptures, mixed media, designs, and photographs.  One photograph of note was by Chris Corwin. This budding photographer ran into me and said hello. He knows me for a gallery project he is currently working on. His photograph used in the NAMI show is the first one in the series of five that you can view from this link.  BUT… Because of the PG rating I strive for on this blog I can only provide a link to this photo. To see the photo, please tell his site you are an adult [only if you are]; and select the PHOTOGRAPHY button. You must have the Flashplayer working on your computer and browser to see the site.

On that link you may have noticed a mysterious likeness between one of the  photographs and myself.  Since that is only a semi-nude photo, I am showing you a reduced pixel version of that photo below; as an example of his work.

“Rog”, Photo by Chris Corwin, Nov09.

So yes, I am happy to confirm that I was the male semi-nude model for this project.  Look for more photos by him in a gallery near you.  To understand the lives and thoughts of art models feel free to visit the blog-sites of Claudia is MuseWorthy and/or Cold Silver Moon.

We also visited at length at the Kneeland Gallery This is Fred Choate’s Gallery in Sun Valley, and it is a good one.  The feature artist this month was David Koch.  Fred was enthralled by his paintings which include both the landscape and the figure genres.  Fred’s Favorite of David Koch is a good example of his work.  David’s website is David Koch Paintings.

While there, Fred had me study the works of Robert Moore, Steven Lee Adams, Louisa McElwain, and Ovanes Berberian.  My style most mimics Louisa’s, according to Fred.  Although we decided that the paintings of hers shown there may not be very representative of her work.  This is because her southwest USA styled landscapes are not shown normally in Sun Valley, but in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I finally got to see Ovanes Berberian’s final work, up close.  As perhaps mentioned before, I was privileged to see his 2×3 foot plein air studies, two years ago while drinking beer with him at Redfish Lake.  The final work is nothing like the plein air studies.  Both are great.  However, I understand completely why only his final work is shown in galleries, and why they are so expensive (two of the three paintings of his I saw were over 30,000 USD).

“Moonrise”, 40×60 oil on canvas, by Ovanes Berberian.

I could stare at this painting for a very very long time.  It is worth every penny of its 35,000 dollar price.  I am surprised it does not cost 50,000.  I know that is a lot of money, by you have to see the whole painting in person to understand why I say that.

Moonrise, is my favorite Berberian painting, so far.  He had a still life there that was worth every penny as well.  It is actually a better painting than “Moonrise”.

To view more of Ovanes’ work at Kneeland, please click on this link.

Red Hair…

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“Lucid Dream”, 8×10 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 7apr09, x7 palette.

OK the lady here is similiarly modeled to the previous painting.  But here the evidence is more clear as to what race she is.  Or is it..  She has red hair.  The dream is in the luscious greens, the dichotomy to the red hair upon her head.  The real trip in this painting for me is that I cannot ever recall dreaming of a beautiful black [african-american] woman, either clothed or unclothed, as I have slept.  However, I can on several occasions recall dreaming of red haired women.

Figure it Out…

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“Odalisque”, 8×10 oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 7apr09, x7 palette.

OK, some of you have been waiting with baited breath to when I will break out with the non-landscape paintings again.  Well this is my first nude figure ever done in oil.  I probably will have to retake this photo so you can see the colors for what they are.

Eat It, Hud, Eat It…

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“Day After (aft Edvard Munch)”, 6×8 oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 23mar09, x8 palette.

OK, expaination is in order.  “Eat it, Hud, Eat it!” is a quote from the Jim Rome Radio Show.  Rex Hudler [sp?] was a baseball player that once ate a beautiful bug at his fellow baseball players request.  He ate the bug, and they won the game.  It was a rally moment.  Sometimes, one has to do the strange to encourage one’s comrades to their goal.

Does this explain why I finally performed some sort of study on an Edvard Munch painting?  OK, you know this is my favorite painting in the world.  But do you realize that this is both a still life and a portrait?  My interpretation, is an interupted piece.  Originally, I was to sketch the painting, then base a landscape on the composition.  You can see this if you notice that the value of the wall is very light compared to the original by Munch.  There are spiritual and educative reasons why I was going to do this.  But since I had to go to work.  This is the final version of this study, hence the name S1.

I intend to revisit studying this work several times in the next several years.  The reason, is I need to understand why this painting enlightened me so.

X8 Palette [Mostly Winton colors, another electric earth palette]

White = Permalba White [pw6, pw4, Martin-Weber]
cool blue = ultramarine blue
warm green = viridian hue
cool yellow = cad yellow pale hue
warm yellow = yellow ochre
warm red = burnt sienna [pr101, W&N artist grade]
cool red = alizarin crimson [pr83, m.graham]

Photographers are Sometimes Artists…

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“Branches in Snow (after Ansel Adams)”, 9×6 Acrylic on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 12mar09, Y2 Palette.

Probably the greatest photographer ever, was Ansel Adams. Apparantly our Boise Art Museum has an Exhibit of Several of his Photos.  I should go.  What I have learned this week is that Andrew Wyeth was really an abstract painter, in terms of his design of composition.  Perhaps Ansel Adams was as well.  The photo this painting is based off of looks like an abstract design.  So I should research it more.

Have you noticed I am using acrylics more in my paintings.  This is to get me used to the more “electric” modern pigments, and it is a challenge to paint with such a loaded gun.