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Moonlight Becomes You…

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My mentor likes Glenn Miller, and other oldie type musicians. Hence, he suggested this renaming of my first study of a David W Mayer painting. Google his name and you will discover another great American living painter.

Remember now, the stillness of the night, the ice frozen in time, and please focus on World Peace.  May I ask you this question.  If nothing changes, and nothing moves, do we have World Peace?  Enjoy…

Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)

“Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 10nov09, Fragonard Triple Primary palette.

Fragonard Triple Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

Cool Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Warm Blue = Turquoise [PG50] mixed with Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Earth Blue = Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Cool Yellow = Chrome Yellow Light Hue
Warm Yellow = Chrome Yellow Deep Hue
Earth Yellow = Raw Umber [MGraham]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [Grumbacher]
Warm Red = Cad Red Light
Earth Red = Venetian Red
White = Titanium White [MGraham]

I would also like to thank the following cities for their continued support… Amsterdam, New York, London, Glasgow, Durham, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Boise, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angelas.


Hard Freeze…

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You would think that someone using the moniker “Ice Dog Hans” would know the cold.  Well what I know is finally Idaho is being pacified.  The Hard Freeze that has occurred in the mountains will put most of the flys to sleep finally.  They can be very bothersome until then, especially in the month of September.  I just hope we finally get a hard freeze in the valley where I live, then I can live without those pesky flys.  At that time Idaho will truly be pacified.  Until then this painting will suffice.

Pacification of Idaho

“Pacification of Idaho”, 14×18 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 6oct09, Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette.

This is intended to be a companion piece to the painting I did in the spring called “Pacification of Virginia”.  Let’s hope we all “chill out” soon with the coming winter.

Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette [Shiva brand paints, unless noted]

cool blue = ultramarine blue
warm blue = Viridian [hue]
earth blue = asphaltum
earth yellow = green-gold …… used as the undertone!
cool yellow = cad yellow pale
warm yellow = cad yellow medium
earth red = venetian red [fragonard]
warm red = cad red pale [hue]
cool red = shiva crimson
white = Titanium Alkyd Resin White [graham]

A Beautiful Mind…

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Belle View

“Belle View”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 25aug09, triple primary palette.

When painting this, I thought not of Bellevue, Idaho; but of Belleville, Wisconsin.  Yes, this small chapel along the riverfed pond is more likely an Idaho scene; and this stream could have been the big wood river.  The Sugar River flows into Belleville’s lake via a menagerie type delta.  My father Vic, Scott my brother, and I got lost in the menagerie once on our canoe.  Which answers the question, can you ever get lost if everything is downstream?  Regardless, when we finally got to Belleville, we were relieved.

By the way, did you know the pastor in this chapel, has his light on.  He is praying.  He has “a beautiful mind”.

It is fitting for, Belleville means “Beautiful Village”.

So, here is to you, wishing you have a beautiful view, in your mind.  Happy Octoberfest Recovery time!

Moonlit Concerto, o’er Sud Fork O’ Bridge Creek.

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“Bowan Mountain, North Cascades NP”, 12×16 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 23jul09, Choate8 palette.

This painting was done entirely alla prima, as usual. It was painted on a borrowed canvas, using borrowed paint, medium, brushes, knife, and towels. Thanks Ellen, Fred, & Craig for letting me borrow your stuff.

Whilst completing this painting I was listening to a concerto in the moonlight.

bowan mountain north cascades national park

Moonlight on a Kansas River

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“Smoky River (aft Birger Sandzen)”, 8×10 oil alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 30jan09, using choate8-griffin palette.

This is a study of Sven Birger Sandzen’s “Smoky River” painting.  The river depicted here is probably the Smoky Hill River.  It flows near Lindsborg, Kansas; where Sandzen lived and taught.  My rendition was painted before the “Another Day Coming” painting.  The pair were the first two paintings after my closest Uncle died.  They are both considered night paintings.

I wonder if you could help me with the exact Longitude and Latitude coordinates for this scene it would be much appreciated.  Why!?  Because I am one of the few painters painting for “”.  My paintmap website is…

Rog’s Paint Map Site

Currently I identify this painting on the Smoky Hill River near Lindsborg. But, I don’t really know where on the river this scene is. Nor do I know for sure it is of that river. I would like to change the coordinates on the paintmap if I am wrong. Perhaps art students at Bethany College in Lindsborg could tell me the correct coordinates.

Stillness of the Moonrise.

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“Before Moonrise in a Sawtooth Valley”, 18×24 oil on canvasboard, study, by Rog Lyngaas, 5jan09, using choate7 palette with Phalo Green/Raw Umber for warm blue.

Although the cheap cell phone picture does not really show it, this is one of the darkest paintings I have ever painted.  It is very reminiscent of the night scene just before the moon rises.  At that time the earth may be at its stillest.  If you have ever watched the moon rise [in the middle of the night] you know the stillness is overwhelmingly peaceful.  Perhaps if more of us witnessed the moon rising, we would have more resolve for world peace.

In the art world one of those who affected me as a child was Andrew Wyeth.  My mother took me to Chicago once to an art museum in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  She made me walk with her through the entire museum so we could see every Andrew Wyeth and/or NC Wyeth painting in the show.  It was like 350 paintings and it took most of the day.  I was not happy, but she told me I would appreciate this at a later time.  I admit I do now appreciate it.  When people talk about the quality of composition that the Wyeth family executed, I agree it is very good.

Bill Sharp on Andrew Wyeth

Claudia Hajian on Andrew Wyeth

For more blogger comments on Andrew Wyeth’s passing please go to the links above.