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Hypothermia Means Winter is Coming…

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McGowan Esque

“McGowan Esque”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7sep09, triple primary palette.

Well winter is coming.  This is a studio painting.  Reason being, when I traveled to Redfish Lake to visit plein air painting friends around labor day weekend I was freezing when I got there.  At 9pm on the top of Banner Summit [7200 foot pass] on the way to Stanley, Idaho, I decided to stop my motorcycle cause I thought I might be getting cold.  Within 2 minutes I was shaking miserably.  I drank some water and ate some gardetto’s snacks and crackers.  Then jumped back on the bike because I was worried about the packs of wolves at that locale [we have Too Many Wolves in Idaho now].   Sure the air temperature probably was around 40 degrees, but I was not wearing real warm clothing, i.e. a sweatshirt and an “air-thru” motorcycle jacket does not cut it at 70 mph.  Once I limped on into the Redfish Lake Lodge the fellow painters were a little concerned about my continuous shaking.  Well I was freezing man.  Deanna Schrell, an avid plein air painter, and skier knew just what to do.  She took up to her cabin, plopped me on the radiator and turned it on full.  Within 5 minutes I was no longer shaking. Thank-you Deanna.  I owe you.

Needless to say, I was too tired to paint the next morning.  So I ate with Ellen Garrard and drove the 150 miles home so I could get back to work.  So this painting is about the feeling of the Sawtooth Mountains.


Dream of Hawai’i

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“Dream of Owyhee”, 8×10 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas,4aug09, XF palette.

dream of owyhee

There are locations of Oasis’ in the Owyhee [Pai’ute for Hawai’i] Desert.  I dream of finding them on my motorcycle.  Owyhee is a unique locale in Idaho, and yes it is named after Hawai’i.

XF Pallete
Cool blue = french Ultramarine Blue (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm blue = pthalo green (graham)
Cool yellow = cad lemon (winton)
Warm yellow = cad yellow medium (grumbacher pre-tested)
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = quinacridone violet (graham)
sketch & tone = ivory black (winton) + yellow ochre (winton)
White = titanium white (shiva)

This is the first painting I have ever done without using a Turpinoid or a Turpintine for cleaning my brushes.  I am using, Walnut oil for now.  I probably will return to turpinoid, just because it truly is toxic; and I need some toxicity in my work to be a true antithesis [devil’s advocate].

Studio Number Two…

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I have mentioned that I would like to get a dual-sport motorcycle for traveling remote dirt roads of Idaho cheaply. Well, about three months ago and 2500 miles ago I purchased one. The new BMW G650 GS. It now has panniers, so I can travel light into the dark void of creativity, outdoors. BMW at Meridian City Hall BMW garaged Now with all spiritual things, it is important to be blessed. However, since I have some ignorance in such matters, I did not seek it. But I did visit my local pub / restaurant / hangout for a brew. Once the food, the talk, and the fermentation got me feeling it is ok to go home; I walked outside, and low and behold. A pair of cute women had blessed my motorcycle with kisses and balloons. The kisses were on the mirrors which I am showing below; and on other parts which I will not show. The balloons were tied all over, and the men I was with gladly popped and removed them for me before my ride. Regardless, my motorcycle has now been blessed. Kissed cycle 1 Kisses at night. Kissed cycle 2 and kisses in the garage [below] Kissed cycle 3 Kissed cycle 4

In retrospect, if anyone asks you, “Is Rog a plein air artist?” I would hope that you could answer, not really; he is an outdoor painter. That implies the oneness with the secondary in many man’s thought, the outdoors. Which is good, for it is good to meditate on that which is created. Motorcycling helps in that regards. So I thank God for my cycle; for now it is blessed.

I also would like to thank the people in the following places…Kansas City, London, Seattle, Portland OR, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Boise, Tucson, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Tampa, Nashville, and Durham NC. I appreciate your support.

Attitude about Etudes…

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Chopin's Etude at Niagra Springs

“Chopin’s Etude @ Niagra Springs”, 8×10 PA oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, Choate7 Palette, 4jun09.

This was the first of three plein air paintings I performed at the 2009 Buhl Plein Air Paintout.  I consider it a study, since the original composition was complex, and I intend to repaint at this location in the future.  It is now on exhibit [and for sale] for the next year along with last years creation called “Ramona”.  I was able to reframe Ramona in a better frame.  Below is Fred Choate expounding to me the natural composition.

Fred Expounding

Of course, below is I, absorbing all from my mentor, but listening to the river speak in another language.  Obviously, I listened to the later more than the former.

Rog Painting

This was a busy day in that Fred and I had to return to the Basement Gallery, for the June Reception at night.  It looks nice and peaceful here, but in reality, I had to ride my motorcycle 320 miles in a stiff gusting side wind of up to 45 mph.  Sometimes the Semis and I were just going 45 miles an hour down the highway.  It was the windiest day in Idaho in a long time.

Choking Interpretation…

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“Owyhee Washout (aft Fred Choate)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 10mar09, X7 palette.

Owyhee county in Idaho, is high desert.  Owyhee is Paiute for “Hawaii”.  As I have mentioned before, Idaho and Hawaii are joined at the hip.

This painting is a definitivly high contrast desert washout scene that is typical this time of year in the Idaho High Desert.  Often times, when you want to get somewhere you have to drive through washouts.  Can you say, adrenaline rush, especially on a motorcycle?

BTW, if you did not get my joke yet… I purposely over bleached the desert flats to match the name of the painting… washout.  Just so you know, the sun does get this bright in the desert.  So much so, that you can become “sand blind” as well as “snow blind”.

My mentor would like to thank the lady from Hailey, Idaho who purchased the original of this painting from Idaho’s PBS channel 4, as a fund raiser.  My interpretation is nothing like the original though.  It uses a real wack-job of a  palette.  Another “Electric Earth” palette.  If anyone else wants to use this palette, I warn you that it is playing with fire.  Do you feel lucky?  Halfway through I concluded that my cool yellow was warmer than my warm yellow, so I swapped them in some of my mixes.

X7 PALETTE…[m.Graham Colors unless noted]

cool  red = quintrocidrone Violet [pv19]
warm red = burnt sienna [Pbr7]
warm/cool yellow = yellow ochre [Py43, Winton]
cool/warm yellow = azo yellow [py74,py151]
warm blue = pthalo green [pg7]
cool blue = ultra blue [pb29]
white = Titanium White [pw6,pw4,Rembrandt]

Motorcycle of Choice…

In order to traverse the long lonely desert roads to get to this washout, and then to drive through it my former roomate, Shane Smith recommends a Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycle.  He as always a Honda XR 650 fan, but he has met many people who prefer the KLR as their “Desert Rat” cycle…


Fake Oils in Review…

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OK, you may have seen me say that acrylics are fake oils.  What I have learned from studying my latest acrylic mess of a painting — is that you really do run the risk of over illustrating a piece when doing it in acrylic paint.  I think it has something to do with the dry speed.  It also takes longer to render the same piece, which may have to do with the “ease of over illustration”.  The other thing I learned is oil paintings stay glossy much longer.  For your review is a picture of the original subject by Birger Sandzen “Sunset in the Mountains”, circa 1921.


Below is the 6×8 oil I did in an improved picture format…


And of course the 9×12 arcylic recreation in an improved picture format…


I guess, I will continue studying Sandzen some more.  But not today.

On the Plein Air excursion front, I have been looking at differing motorcycles that enable one to travel on the distant dirt roads of Idaho.  Surely the Triumph Scrambler is an excellent choice.  But now I see, that there could be better choices.  The Kawasaki KLR650, Suzuki DR650, and perhaps the most versatile is the BMW F650 GS [or G650 GS] depending on the year of make.  The BMW looks the best of these newer styles, and is shown below…


Plus, it has great luggage options.

Advice… I need to take.

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When working with acrylic paints like the previous painting in this blog it is advised that you learn to deal with the bright pigments in the fake oils in a safe manner.  Especially if you are bald.  You see the reflections off the paint can cause sunburn and eye damage if not properly muted.  Below is a picture of my “Studio One” in the bathroom, as I am painting in Acrylics for the first time in a long time.


One way of preventing eye damage, especially inside when dealing with “fashion lights” like in many modern bathrooms is to wear a black felt cowboy style hat; as seen below.


Another idea is to skip the studio one nonsense and move to studio two.  The open road, like on a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.


It sounds like one versatile bike; for both mountain and city.  It comes in multiple colors, including tangerine!  What a dream to ride a tangerine.  Perhaps better than being sublime when you ride a lime [another color].  Of course, Triumph has muted the colors lately, aka… to prevent eye damage.  The new colors for 2009 are Matte Black and Matte Green.

If I were take my own advice, I guess I would have to be “all in”.  So if you have a spare Scrambler in your back yard, I will make you an offer.  Every painting you have seen in this blog… up till now for one Scrambler.

It sounds crazy from your end I know.  However, I think I need to find some sort of transport for going on “Painting Days”.  A scrambled brainer seems to be the ticket.  So some day….  Until then, I think I will just drive my pickup.