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Shining Path in Highlands…

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“Highland’s Maple Laced Path”, 24×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 8feb10, triple primary palette.

Well, to some, “Highlands” implies the high hills in Scotland. To those who grew up in the Spring Harbor area of Madison, Wisconsin; the word “Highlands” is a place south and uphill from the neighborhood. Anything South of the Duck Pond, we called the Highlands.

Like Spring Harbor with its plethora of Elm, Oak, and Shag-bark Hickory Nut trees; the Highlands neighborhood has lots of trees. However, they had many more Sugar Maple trees. Long ago I would help some of my friends harvest the Maple trees, and boil the sap into the best Maple Syrup I have ever had. We would do this in the fall, winter, and especially the early spring when the tree sap would move the best.

The painting above is a composition close to the look I remember of some of the remote dirt roads in the Highlands area. Since Madison has changed so much, I believe that few people there have seen the beauty of “The Highlands”. Too bad; good thing I can remember them.

By the way, the location of this view is around 8 miles inside the metro Madison area. Because of politics, I do not even know if the place was ever incorporated into the city. But I do believe it was part of our township 50 years ago; called Dale Heights.

Enjoy, and good luck finding this remote path.

For an explanation of the triple primary palette used in this painting please view the example attached.


Oh, Why He Did That…

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“Owyhee Gulley”, 20×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 1dec09, warm secondary earth primary palette.

The palette used in this painting is a new concoction, albeit an experiment.

Warm Secondary Earth Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

orange = cad orange
earth red = venetian red
purple = oriental violet deep
earth blue = prussian blue
green = sap green
earth yellow = raw umber [m.graham]
white = titanium white [r.shiva, by richardson]

Palette notes…

The RYB earth tones are treated as cool colors, and OGV pigments are warm.  Please realize that the absense of a true yellow in this palette, is on purpose.  If you find your paintings too garishly yellow, you may consider using a mix to get your yellows.  That is why a desert motif was chosen here.

Also, Fragonard Cad Orange mixed with their Oriental Violet Deep makes a very warm strong, yet earthy, color red.  I have not seen that shade in mixing colors before.  It may go well with an Alizarin Crimson as the cool color, instead of the Venetian Red.

Moonlight Becomes You…

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My mentor likes Glenn Miller, and other oldie type musicians. Hence, he suggested this renaming of my first study of a David W Mayer painting. Google his name and you will discover another great American living painter.

Remember now, the stillness of the night, the ice frozen in time, and please focus on World Peace.  May I ask you this question.  If nothing changes, and nothing moves, do we have World Peace?  Enjoy…

Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)

“Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 10nov09, Fragonard Triple Primary palette.

Fragonard Triple Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

Cool Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Warm Blue = Turquoise [PG50] mixed with Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Earth Blue = Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Cool Yellow = Chrome Yellow Light Hue
Warm Yellow = Chrome Yellow Deep Hue
Earth Yellow = Raw Umber [MGraham]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [Grumbacher]
Warm Red = Cad Red Light
Earth Red = Venetian Red
White = Titanium White [MGraham]

I would also like to thank the following cities for their continued support… Amsterdam, New York, London, Glasgow, Durham, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Boise, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angelas.

Winter is Here…

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Now that the initial cold fronts have subsided and Idaho is settling in on the cold wet winter time.  I would like to discourage you from going out in the cold without warm dry clothes.

“Winter Creek (aft Edgar Payne)”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 3nov09, Choate8-Graham non-toxic palette.

Choate8-Graham non-toxic palette [all M.Graham paints]

Warm blue = Phthalo Green [not Viridian — due to Umber undertone]
Cool blue = Ultramarine Blue
Cool red = Alizarin Crimson
Warm red = Napthol Red
Warm yellow = Azo Yellow
Cool yellow = Hansa Yellow
Undertone/Sketch = Burnt Umber
White = Titanium White, Alkyd Resin

Hard Freeze…

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You would think that someone using the moniker “Ice Dog Hans” would know the cold.  Well what I know is finally Idaho is being pacified.  The Hard Freeze that has occurred in the mountains will put most of the flys to sleep finally.  They can be very bothersome until then, especially in the month of September.  I just hope we finally get a hard freeze in the valley where I live, then I can live without those pesky flys.  At that time Idaho will truly be pacified.  Until then this painting will suffice.

Pacification of Idaho

“Pacification of Idaho”, 14×18 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 6oct09, Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette.

This is intended to be a companion piece to the painting I did in the spring called “Pacification of Virginia”.  Let’s hope we all “chill out” soon with the coming winter.

Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette [Shiva brand paints, unless noted]

cool blue = ultramarine blue
warm blue = Viridian [hue]
earth blue = asphaltum
earth yellow = green-gold …… used as the undertone!
cool yellow = cad yellow pale
warm yellow = cad yellow medium
earth red = venetian red [fragonard]
warm red = cad red pale [hue]
cool red = shiva crimson
white = Titanium Alkyd Resin White [graham]

Stamps are us…

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Thank-you Amsterdam, London, Hudson Bay, Fairbanks, New York City [Manhattan], Boston, Seattle, Portland, Boise, Los Angelas, San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Birmingham, and the fellows at  I appreciate your support.

And now a discussion of the past… Stamps are still popular as an item to use for postage.  Except perhaps antiquated. They are also used for hunting and fishing license upgrades.  Ever hear of a Duck Stamp, Upland Game Stamp, or Trout Stamp.  Well for those regions in the USA that have an abundance of wildlife they are stamps that you affix to your license to allow you to hunt Ducks, or geese, or deer, or WOLVES!… yes I live In Idaho so I can talk about wolves being hunted… but not right here.

Regardless, the stamps are slowly on the way out.  This may affect some painters who paint for Duck Stamps and the like.  Today’s painting is a study inspired by the Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year, Peter Mathios of Albany, Oregon.   Peter is a skilled wildlife and landscape painter using acrylics as his basic medium.

Lamar Evening (aft Peter Mathios)

“Lamar Evening (aft Peter Mathios)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas,  23sep09, triple primary palette, plus Cad Orange [inspired by Emil Gruppe].

Fred Choate’s comments on this painting is “what beautiful colors”.  Since he is not into colorist style paintings, I take is as a high compliment.  The palette used in this painting is a Triple primary palette listed below.  It is the palette and method I have been using for the last month, so finally I will tell you what it essentially is.

Triple Primary Palette 2009 [Grumbacher pre-tested, or noted]

cool blue = french ultramarine blue, or cobalt blue [Graham]
earth blue = prussian blue, phthalo blue, or ivory black [winton]
warm blue = viridian hue [phthalo green], or viridian
cool yellow = Lemon Yellow Hue [py3], or cad lemon [winton]
earth yellow = Raw Umber [Graham], or yellow ochre
warm yellow = Cad Yellow hue [winton], or cad yellow light
warm red = Vermillion Hue [Winton], or Cad red – Vermillion Hue
earth red = burnt Sienna, or venetian red [Fragonard]
cool red = Magenta [Winton], or Quinacridone Violet [pV19, graham]
cool white = Zinc White [PW4, Graham]
warm white = Warm White [PW6, PW4, PY74, Bob Ross (Martin-Weber)]

Layer Process using Triple Primary Palette 2009

OK, this palette list is quite flexible.  However, the method using it in landscape painting is not.  The key here is to use the earth tones in the initial tone, sketch, and block in stages exclusively.  They tend to dry quicker, so you can have a multi layered painting yet still have archival quality.  I use minimal Zinc White in initial block in because of this drying problem.   My initial block in tends to look like a Sumi-E painting, which is my goal.

Anyway, I wish all you hunters out there, good luck.  I think I am going fishing or painting instead.

On the Side of the Way…

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“Little Trinity Lake Wayside”, 8×10 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7aug09, XG palette.

In the Trinity’s there is a litttle lake with a wayside. It is a place where one can contemplate the peace of the world. Once I post this on you may know where this place is.

little trinity lake wayside

XG Palette (grumbacher pre-tested, unless noted)
Cool blue = french ultramarine blue
Warm blue = phthalo green (graham)
Cool yellow = azo yellow (graham)
Warm yellow = cad-barium yellow medium
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = rose madder hue
White = titanium white (shiva)
Tone-sketch = yellow ochre + ivory black (winton)