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I Love You…

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What does one love, if one is a painter?  Clearly, when I met Ovanes Berberian for the first time, he loves painting.  Actually, he loves to play with his paint.  Much like a child making sand castles on a beach.

The painting below, was painted outdoors [i.e. plein air] near the same location that Ovanes was painting the same motif, at the same time, at Redfish Lake.  Hence the name.

It is one of the first outdoor paintings I ever executed, so it’s quality is not what I would hope.  But now, I see I need to do more outdoor painting.  Maybe, some day, I will be able to paint outdoors in much the same fashion I do indoors; like playing.

“Ovanes’ Love”, 14×11 PA oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 29aug07, Choate7 palette.


08 Buhl Plein Air Paintout

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The reception on the 7th of June told me that this was a much better year for celebrating the town of Buhl, and its beauty; than last year. This plein air paintout is small, but the painters are loyal. This year I met up again with Jineen Griffith, Deanna Schrell, Gertrude Hudson, Jane Hulsey, Joyce DeFord, and one of the founders of the Plein Air Painters of Idaho — Tricia May. It was a pleasure to visit with the die-hards of our endevour. Kelly Hart, the former director of the Buhl Arts Council, developed the show in a elegant manner. I say this because when I walked into the 8th Street Center, that houses the show I could here a jazz rendition of Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”… my second favorite song. The nature in which she hung the artwork for the show was great too. Below is a better picture of the building called “8th Street Center”…

This building has some of the best acoustics in all of Idaho! Below is a selection of paintings from the show, and why I liked them.

This is a still life by Tricia May. It wins my “still life award”. I love the way the lite-green color shoots through the glass vase in a prism like manner. That green curves!

Jane Hulsey did this wonderful small board rendition of the Snake River from Miracle Hot Springs. It wins my “best sky award”, not because of the sky, but because of how it is expressed in the reflections in the river.

Jineen Griffith did this even smaller board rendition of the same motif. This was the paintout location the first day. This painting wins my “Most 3 dimensional award”. Since I do not see in 3d like you do, I really appreciate it when a painter goes the extra mile to paint in a 3 dimensional manner. From 30 feet away this 7×9 painting just pops out as clear as day.

Deanna Schrell surprised me with this large format painting of Sawtooth Lake. It wins my “Place I want to be award”. I want to be in the lush green forest on the other side of the lake. Is there an Elk there?

Fred Choate also presented this large format rendition of Shoshone Falls in the Twin Falls area. The deal with this painting is, according to Fred, is the first time he feels he has painted this motif with justice. I was there interpreting his painting while he was painting it. He kept telling me about when he was a kid and would explore every nook and cranny of this waterfall and the associated hydropower dam. Below the dam, and just above the waterfall, apparantly he used to pop his head up from the concrete crawl space used in dam maintenance; in the middle of the freaking river. Yes he stood up in the middle of the river, just above the waterfall, and viewed all of God’s glory. Lucky kid, obviously he is very intimate with this motif. It wins my “best waterfall award”!

Of course, I had to get in the act with my rendition of the Ramona Theater. On the last day the plein air paintout focuses on the Architecture of downtown Buhl. This one wins my “Best Architecture award”. This is only the second building I have ever painted in Oil, so I am proud of it. Maybe I will do more in the future.

Most of the painters in this show had around 7 paintings. Usually 6 plein air renditions and one studio painting, on average. Except for the contrarion who happens to be me, I just had the one plein air painting. Next year I hope to put more in the show, via being there for all 3 days.

All these paintings, and more, are available for viewing and purchase at the 8th Street Center in Buhl, Idaho. The Buhl Arts Council receives a percentage of each sale to support its programs. So if you want to help out arts in “small town Idaho” give them a call or visit. Both the Buhl Arts Council and the Eighth Street Center have websites.

Neither talk about the 8th street center’s grounds. Unique in Arts centers, present on the grounds is a stone laden — bark path — Labyrinth. Below is a picture of the Labyrinth with Fred Choate lost inside its tentacles.

If you ever visit Buhl, you ought to explore this Labyrinth.

Studio Number Two…

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I have mentioned that I would like to get a dual-sport motorcycle for traveling remote dirt roads of Idaho cheaply. Well, about three months ago and 2500 miles ago I purchased one. The new BMW G650 GS. It now has panniers, so I can travel light into the dark void of creativity, outdoors. BMW at Meridian City Hall BMW garaged Now with all spiritual things, it is important to be blessed. However, since I have some ignorance in such matters, I did not seek it. But I did visit my local pub / restaurant / hangout for a brew. Once the food, the talk, and the fermentation got me feeling it is ok to go home; I walked outside, and low and behold. A pair of cute women had blessed my motorcycle with kisses and balloons. The kisses were on the mirrors which I am showing below; and on other parts which I will not show. The balloons were tied all over, and the men I was with gladly popped and removed them for me before my ride. Regardless, my motorcycle has now been blessed. Kissed cycle 1 Kisses at night. Kissed cycle 2 and kisses in the garage [below] Kissed cycle 3 Kissed cycle 4

In retrospect, if anyone asks you, “Is Rog a plein air artist?” I would hope that you could answer, not really; he is an outdoor painter. That implies the oneness with the secondary in many man’s thought, the outdoors. Which is good, for it is good to meditate on that which is created. Motorcycling helps in that regards. So I thank God for my cycle; for now it is blessed.

I also would like to thank the people in the following places…Kansas City, London, Seattle, Portland OR, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Boise, Tucson, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Tampa, Nashville, and Durham NC. I appreciate your support.

Jump in! It is summer time….

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Greetings fra Hilo! Uncle Billy is being good to me. Facing the Koi pond courtyard we’ve been enjoying birds, mongeese, & Brazillian Coqui frogs speaking to us in tongues 24-7. Today’s painting is hanging in the 8th street center in Buhl, Idaho.

“Owlsley Bridge”, 11×14 PA oil on canvasboard, by Rog Lyngaas, 6jun09, XB palette.
owlsley bridge

XB Palette

cool blue = french ultramarine blue [winton]
warm blue = viridian [winton]
cool yellow = cadmium lemon [winton]
warm yellow = cadmium medium yellow [winton]
warm red = cadmium medium red [winton]
cool red = alizarin crimson [graham]
white = titanium white [PW6, PW4, shiva]

Shade Tree @ Niagra Springs

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This post is the first with my new Nokia E63 phone.  When I post using the phone the format will always resemble what you see here.  What you are seeing is the evolution to real time painting posting.  I may still post to the flicker site, but I have not decided yet on that.

By the way, this painting now sits along side “Ramona” and “Chopin’s Etude @ Niagra Springs”.  They are in the year long show in the Buhl Arts Council at the Eigth Street Center; in Buhl Idaho.  I will be posting a detailed web page on the Plein Air Paintout, sometime in the next few weeks.

“Shade Tree @ Niagra Springs”, 8×10 PA oil on canvasboard, by Rog Lyngaas, Choate7 Palette, 4jun09.

shade tree niagra springs

Attitude about Etudes…

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Chopin's Etude at Niagra Springs

“Chopin’s Etude @ Niagra Springs”, 8×10 PA oil on canvaboard, by Rog Lyngaas, Choate7 Palette, 4jun09.

This was the first of three plein air paintings I performed at the 2009 Buhl Plein Air Paintout.  I consider it a study, since the original composition was complex, and I intend to repaint at this location in the future.  It is now on exhibit [and for sale] for the next year along with last years creation called “Ramona”.  I was able to reframe Ramona in a better frame.  Below is Fred Choate expounding to me the natural composition.

Fred Expounding

Of course, below is I, absorbing all from my mentor, but listening to the river speak in another language.  Obviously, I listened to the later more than the former.

Rog Painting

This was a busy day in that Fred and I had to return to the Basement Gallery, for the June Reception at night.  It looks nice and peaceful here, but in reality, I had to ride my motorcycle 320 miles in a stiff gusting side wind of up to 45 mph.  Sometimes the Semis and I were just going 45 miles an hour down the highway.  It was the windiest day in Idaho in a long time.

Plein Aire Season is Here…

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“Mount Heyburn & Friend”, 11×14 PA Oil on Canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 30Aug07, Choate7 Palette.

Plein Air painting season in Idaho is now ramping up.  Let me start by providing a dusted off early plein air piece I did at sunset on Redfish Lake, from the lodge.  Redfish lake lodge is in the heart of the Sawtooths.  This piece is one of twenty five I hope to be showing at the Basement Gallery.  This has historical significance as it is the first “successful” plein air piece I did alone.   Although I do not do a lot of plein air, I hope to do more now that I have refined my style a little more.