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“Rising from Idaho Winter”, 20×16 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 2mar10, triple primary palette.

In one week, daylight savings time gets instituted in Idaho, and I am sure the rest of the USA.  Everyone else in the world laughs at our time changing.  I guess, here we think we are “all powerful” and have control of time.  The truth is far from this.  Regardless, I like Daylight Savings Time.  I like the phrase, “Spring Forward, Fall Back”.  I like the sound of cows mooing in the Sunrise.  According to what I was taught when I was young; we do Daylight Savings, for the Cows.


Violence Can Be a Draining Experience…

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“Rape of Madison”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 22feb10, triple primary palette.

I have wanted to be vocal about the violent crime of rape for awhile.  Have you ever noticed that several excellent painters have painted paintings with the word “rape” in the title?  Many include a woman in the process of being raped, yet they refer to a city or a place as well… like “Rape of Europe” or “Rape of Paris”.

This composition does not have a woman, but a place.  Yes, Madison, Wisconsin, has a lot to do with rape.  By the time I was twenty, I learned that my home town had one of the highest rape rates of any city in the United States.  I am not proud of this fact.  Hopefully, over that last 30 years that statistic has decreased significantly.

Regardless, even if my former hometown has solved its “rape problem”, the blemish of its rape will remain.  Environmental rape, is different.  But in the case of the city of Madison it is very severe.  It is another skeleton in its closet.  Keep in mind, even when I was young I recall that it exuded great pride in its “Greenness”… like it is environmentally sound or something.  The truth is far from that.  In fact it shines ignorance.

No I am not talking about the harbor that was the mouth of a spring fed trout creek near our house that was converted into an open sewer. That is only a minor blemish, and only affected a few people.

I am talking about the fact that the center of town is truly not an Isthmus.  It was made an Isthmus, by the white man.  We drained significant portions of the marsh lands that made up Madison, to create dry land.  Up to half the city was at one time, marsh land.  Having seen some of the original maps from the 1800’s proves this.

Given this fact, I do not ever want to ever hear of some one who lives there claim to be an environmentalist.  The damage has been done, like in any rape, and we cannot recover the past.

Except in a painting composition, as you see.

2008 Idaho State Fair

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Three oil paintings were exhibited at the fair in August 2008 in Garden City, Idaho…


Of course I am proud of my second place award in the professional Idaho landscape category, so I am showing it now. The first prize went to a watercolor painting. The awards were dominated by watercolorists this year; including the “Best of Show” awarded to a friend of Ellen Garrard’s. I guess we will have to get her to join the Idaho Painters Guild. Below is another picture of the same painting…


“Waterfall at North Edge, Twin Falls”, 30×15 oil on canvas, Professional Idaho Landscape, Second Place.


“[Lauralie at] Cannon Beach, Post Quake”, 12×9 oil on canvas, Professional Seascape.

Originally I tried to get this painting in the Professional Abstract category. But unfortunately the woman in charge did not see the naked “Lauralie” in the painting. So this painting had to compete in the Professional Seascape category.  Regardless, this is proof that I am the only painter that has ever been able to show a nude painting in the Idaho State Fair.  Lucky me.

Painting judging is subjective — proof is the second place finisher in the Professional Abstract category was an actual landscape painting, flipped over. I guess all is well that ends in a laugh. Next time I will have to be blatantly abstract.


“Path to Taos”, 20×24 oil on canvas, Professional Landscape.

Other Fred Choate Student artists at the fair included: Fred Choate [he can study himself, you know], Ellen Garrard, Wendy Bickenstaff, and Ann Samuelson. Fred won the best oil painting in Fair. And a wonderful watercolor

Father’s Glory (aft Charles Pruitt)

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“Father’s Glory (aft Charles Pruitt)” 16×20 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 19jan10, triple primary palette.

From Coast to Coast…

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Today’s painting is an interpretation of Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the great Columbia river that flows into the Pacific Ocean, in Washington [on the border of Oregon].  My previous post talked about people visiting this site from all over the world.  Let’s include Tromso, Norway to this list.  Northern Norway is remote for sure, kind of like Hudson Bay… So to you all, welcome, and thanks for visiting.

Dusk at Cape Disapointment

“Dusk at Cape Disappointment”, 11×14 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 19oct09, triple primary palette.

Stamps are us…

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Thank-you Amsterdam, London, Hudson Bay, Fairbanks, New York City [Manhattan], Boston, Seattle, Portland, Boise, Los Angelas, San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Birmingham, and the fellows at  I appreciate your support.

And now a discussion of the past… Stamps are still popular as an item to use for postage.  Except perhaps antiquated. They are also used for hunting and fishing license upgrades.  Ever hear of a Duck Stamp, Upland Game Stamp, or Trout Stamp.  Well for those regions in the USA that have an abundance of wildlife they are stamps that you affix to your license to allow you to hunt Ducks, or geese, or deer, or WOLVES!… yes I live In Idaho so I can talk about wolves being hunted… but not right here.

Regardless, the stamps are slowly on the way out.  This may affect some painters who paint for Duck Stamps and the like.  Today’s painting is a study inspired by the Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year, Peter Mathios of Albany, Oregon.   Peter is a skilled wildlife and landscape painter using acrylics as his basic medium.

Lamar Evening (aft Peter Mathios)

“Lamar Evening (aft Peter Mathios)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas,  23sep09, triple primary palette, plus Cad Orange [inspired by Emil Gruppe].

Fred Choate’s comments on this painting is “what beautiful colors”.  Since he is not into colorist style paintings, I take is as a high compliment.  The palette used in this painting is a Triple primary palette listed below.  It is the palette and method I have been using for the last month, so finally I will tell you what it essentially is.

Triple Primary Palette 2009 [Grumbacher pre-tested, or noted]

cool blue = french ultramarine blue, or cobalt blue [Graham]
earth blue = prussian blue, phthalo blue, or ivory black [winton]
warm blue = viridian hue [phthalo green], or viridian
cool yellow = Lemon Yellow Hue [py3], or cad lemon [winton]
earth yellow = Raw Umber [Graham], or yellow ochre
warm yellow = Cad Yellow hue [winton], or cad yellow light
warm red = Vermillion Hue [Winton], or Cad red – Vermillion Hue
earth red = burnt Sienna, or venetian red [Fragonard]
cool red = Magenta [Winton], or Quinacridone Violet [pV19, graham]
cool white = Zinc White [PW4, Graham]
warm white = Warm White [PW6, PW4, PY74, Bob Ross (Martin-Weber)]

Layer Process using Triple Primary Palette 2009

OK, this palette list is quite flexible.  However, the method using it in landscape painting is not.  The key here is to use the earth tones in the initial tone, sketch, and block in stages exclusively.  They tend to dry quicker, so you can have a multi layered painting yet still have archival quality.  I use minimal Zinc White in initial block in because of this drying problem.   My initial block in tends to look like a Sumi-E painting, which is my goal.

Anyway, I wish all you hunters out there, good luck.  I think I am going fishing or painting instead.

Fall of Temperature…

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Sun Setting upon Frozen Pond

“Sun Setting Upon Frozen Pond”, 14×11 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 15sep09, triple primary palette.

All I want to say about this work is I am suffering brain freeze, because I am all wet and it is getting cold.  Sometimes, being bald means freezing the brain.  Now I am craving Ice Cream.