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Two Towers…

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For me, the most interesting thing about the novel set “Lord of the Rings” is the talking trees.  I think they are called the “Ents”.  Do trees talk?  Surely they do, since several landscape paintings have trees as subjects — and may people say that paintings communicate.  What do trees speak to you?

“Trees in Conversation”, 11×14 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 25sep07, Choate7 palette.



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“Shining Path Thru Ferns”, 16×20 oil-alkyd on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 15dec09, Choate8 palette.

This painting is set in the Columbia River Gorge.  The title I chose begs a question.

What does the Shining Path have to do with World Peace?

Given what happened in Peru, maybe nothing.  The dichotomy is many people have revelations as individuals.  Often it may appear to be the ultimate truth to them.  So much so that they push their “TRUTH” upon others.  They may even refer it as their “SHINING PATH”, “YELLOW BROOK ROAD”, or “MANIFEST DESTINY”.

Regardless, a problem arrives to us.  Their is a statistically high rate of these revelations the actually hinder world peace, instead of encourage it.  I.E. some of us [including me] mean well, but become hurting instead of helping.

I conclude that my failings are my sometimes misunderstanding of what should be — should be “TOLERANCE” instead of anything else.  Sorry.

Regardless, Peace be with you this Christmas-Epiphany time.  It came, it is, it loves, it has tolerance, and it gives life.  So I would like to encourage you in your revelation.

Moonlight Becomes You…

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My mentor likes Glenn Miller, and other oldie type musicians. Hence, he suggested this renaming of my first study of a David W Mayer painting. Google his name and you will discover another great American living painter.

Remember now, the stillness of the night, the ice frozen in time, and please focus on World Peace.  May I ask you this question.  If nothing changes, and nothing moves, do we have World Peace?  Enjoy…

Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)

“Moonlight Becomes You (aft David W Mayer)”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 10nov09, Fragonard Triple Primary palette.

Fragonard Triple Primary Palette [Fragonard, unless noted]

Cool Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Warm Blue = Turquoise [PG50] mixed with Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Earth Blue = Prussian Blue [Grumbacher]
Cool Yellow = Chrome Yellow Light Hue
Warm Yellow = Chrome Yellow Deep Hue
Earth Yellow = Raw Umber [MGraham]
Cool Red = Alizarin Crimson [Grumbacher]
Warm Red = Cad Red Light
Earth Red = Venetian Red
White = Titanium White [MGraham]

I would also like to thank the following cities for their continued support… Amsterdam, New York, London, Glasgow, Durham, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Boise, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angelas.

Grand Opening…

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Abruptly, I am now involved with a Co-Op Gallery in downtown Boise.  The name is the Eclectic Art Store [there are several Art Galleries in the country with the name Eclectic Gallery].  My paintings will take up a wall in the room that contains the photos from, what I consider, one of the better photographers in the state… Allan Ansell.  I have admired his figures for years.

So coupled with his stuff, we will have both the cause of a world at war, and the means for world peace; held in a single room.  I love this dichotomy.

The Gallery is in the basement of the Idaho Building, next to the Superb Sushi Restaurant, on 8th Street.  A blurb about this gallery is contained in the following Boise Weekly article.

…First Thursday Listing…Boise Weekly...

It is number SEVENTEEN on the map!

The grand opening is tomorrow at 5pm to 7pm, and I have not even chosen my paintings for this.  But they will enjoy seeing you there.  I have to work, so I will let my work speak for itself, which may be a better idea.

This is a permanent exhibit, so if you cannot make it, the paintings will still be there.


Outer Reaches of the World…

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I am noticing a trend.  More and more of the visitors to this web-blog site are from the more remote areas of the world.  Places forgotten in the minds of those who live in big commercialized cities.  I am proud of this.  Thank-you from visiting from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Fairbanks in Alaska, and those who live on the shore of Hudson Bay.  The internet apparantly is becoming more far reaching every day.

Today’s painting is of a place north of Boise, Idaho.  Payette Lake is a deep lake that has the city of McCall on its south side.  This painting is near the river inlet to the lake on the North side … it is painted from Wagon Wheel Road.  An old mining road.  Enjoy…

End of Wagon Wheel Road, Payette Lake

“End of Wagon Wheel Road, Payette Lake”, 16×20 oil on canvas, by Rog Lyngaas, 12oct09, Shiva-Earth-Choate7 palette.

This is not a sunset, it is mid-day.  On occasion, at high elevations in Idaho you can see the entire color spectrum from top to bottom in the sky,  But not necessarily in the light spectrum order that you would expect.  This especially occurs in the lighter inversion layers in the mid-fall, looking South [for some reason].  When you witness the sky spectrum as such, it brings clarity to thought of peace.

In this painting I attempt to recreate what I have seen, albeit in a simplified fashion.  It cannot be captured by a camera.

On the Side of the Way…

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“Little Trinity Lake Wayside”, 8×10 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 7aug09, XG palette.

In the Trinity’s there is a litttle lake with a wayside. It is a place where one can contemplate the peace of the world. Once I post this on you may know where this place is.

little trinity lake wayside

XG Palette (grumbacher pre-tested, unless noted)
Cool blue = french ultramarine blue
Warm blue = phthalo green (graham)
Cool yellow = azo yellow (graham)
Warm yellow = cad-barium yellow medium
Warm red = cad red medium (winton)
Cool red = rose madder hue
White = titanium white (shiva)
Tone-sketch = yellow ochre + ivory black (winton)

Eucalyptus at Eventide (aft Granville Redmond)

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eucalyptus at eventide aft granville redmond

“Eucalyptus at Eventide (aft Granville Redmond)”, 11×14 oil on canvas board, by Rog Lyngaas, 21jul09, XD palette.

Once again my mentor surprised me with a challenge. In this interpretation, once again the composition was altered to meet my taste. Once I finished this I told Fred that I hope this work’s towards greater world peace.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

XD Palette (grumbacher pre-tested, unless noted)

Cool blue = french ultramarine (green shade)
Earth blue = prussian blue
Warm blue = Viridian
Earth yellow = raw umber (graham)
Cool yellow = cadmium barium yellow light
Warm yellow = cad yellow med. hue (grumbacher – student grade)
Earth red = burnt sienna
Warm red = cadmium barium red — vermillion hue
Cool red = alizarin crimson
White = titanium white (shiva)