Greetings Guests!

Thank-You for visiting Rog Lyngaas’ [“Lynn-Ahs”] painting website! This website is named for Hans the Ice Dog who has been at Rog’s side for 15 years.

You can see a glimpse of Hans laying behind Rog in the above picture. Below is Icedog Hans walking on the hot sandy shore of Arrowrock Reservoir, Idaho.

Hans was a great frisbee dog for ten years until he ruptured his ACL. Incredible spirit that he has, means he still acts like a puppy at times.

About Rog…

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Rog was gifted with living in a neighborhood that had natural springs, native American spiritual burial sites, hickory and maple trees, fire flies, tall hills, harbor, beach, spring fed creek, deer, fox, raccoon, muskrat, a couple open sewers, large landfill, and a big aas lake with great fishing.

Rog started his post high schooling as a mechanical draftsman/engineering student. After receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering, Rog moved to Idaho because of the mountains, great skiing, and to work in the Semiconductor industry.

In the year 2000 Rog discovered he has always had a unique visual enhancement/disability. It used to slow him down; causing poor eye contact, and thus lacking people skills. But now he has found the usefulness in “seeing” twice as much as you. In 2006 he tried some oil painting and realized he was a kid with sticks.

So, in March of 2007 he started private study under Fred Choate (Plein Aire & Murals) with weekly 2 hour painting sessions. Rog considers himself an apprentice. Fred describes Rog as a talented, emotional, expressionist painter that probably will not always do landscapes. Rog chose Fred as a mentor because his painting has the most three dimensional quality of local painters. It also helps that Fred is a good teacher of his method.

Other artists who have given Rog advice &/or workshop training are Mac Browning, Venture Coy, Will Nelson, Tom Szewc, and Ovanes Berberian.

About the paintings…

Through browsing this website, you may have noticed there is a lack of emphasis of selling the paintings. Rog is not into “in your face” sales. If you truly love the paintings, you will let him know. What this blog is about, is you, the viewer getting acquainted with Rog and his painting style.

If you are involved with a gallery, keep in mind that this website is created in response to Rog unconsciously deciding to become a professional painter. So, your inquiries are welcome.

It is understood that Rog Lyngaas reserves all rights to his work. Because of his “apprenticeship”, you may see some interpretations of Fred’s painting designs here. If you prefer Fred Choate’s style, Rog encourages you to give Fred a call. Fred’s version may not be posted. So please refer to a painting from Rog’s blog, to alleviate his surprise.

Most all of Rog Lyngaas’ paintings are Alla Prima originals. Dimensions are all in INCHES. Remember, one inch is 2.54 centimeters [if you care]. If the painting happens to be either a Plein Aire rendition or a study of another artist’s work; it will be posted in the appropriate catagory.

Also, you may see either the initials “RCL”, or the signature “Rog Lyngaas” on Rog’s paintings. The initials are what is used on small paintings like the size 9×12, and was Rog’s original drafting signature. Most large paintings will have the full signature. If a painting has no signature in the posted picture, it is still considered an original Rog Lyngaas painting with full rights reserved. This anamoly happens since many oil painters, including Rog, do not sign their paintings in initial Alla Prima sessions. Yet Rog desires his blog to show real time painting development.

…and you…

It is desired for you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest; while viewing these paintings. If you feel like sipping Leinenkuegals, Urquel, Chimay, Lambic Framboise, Fallegro, Rocky Scotch, Gin & Tonic, Earl Grey Tea, Sumatran Dark Machiato, Limeade, or Ice Water; by all means, enjoy!

…rog lyngaas, boise, idaho, usa, terra firma, home of unified verse and now utter chaos!

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