Zinc Red & other Palettes

Unless noted, most of these paintings are done using a double primary palette with Mixing White [PW6,PW4]. Usually the pigments are Ultramarine Blue [PB29], Viridian (warm blue) [PG16], Chrome Yellow Lite Hue [PY74/PY3], Chrome Yellow Deep Hue [PY65], Cad Red Medium Hue (Naphtol Red) [PR188,PR170], & Anthraquinone Red (Permanent Alizarin Crimson) [PR177]. On occasion, yellow & red hues are replaced with opaque Cadmium equivalents. Every painting has a thin undertone, but the undertone varies based on the chosen motif. Sometimes Burnt Sienna [PBr7/PR101] or Raw Umber [PBr7] are present in the undertone.

If I am not using a double primary palette, I tend to use an expanded triple primary palette.  Attached is an example of this.

Red Zinc? I will comment more on this project in the distant future.

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